Category takeovers are way for you to customize the display of a category – this is usually done for sponsorships or special events.

To add a new takeover, on your dashboard, go to Takeovers –> Add New Takeover.

takeovers add new

On this page you can enter the title of the new category takeover you want to add.

add new takeover page

You can edit the settings of your takeover on the same page.


If using content specifically from one category, select that category. If pulling content from a new category, go back and add a new category, associate requested content with that category, and then select that new category title in Takeovers.


Add title and styling in theme options (if distinct from the site theme options which are the default).

takeover6Important: Add a “New Flavor Name” under Styles if styling the section differently from the site. If you make styling changes without a new name you will change the styling of the parent site.

Add additional custom features as needed (sidebar, custom DL and more).

If using a custom navigation and not the default site navigation, add a new menu under Menus and then link to that.

If you’re adding a page background graphic, that gets added the HTML Background Image. If you wish to see the creative above the navigation (like, make the Header Background transparent.

Preview changes at any time to see progress.


Category Takeover For The Dynamic Lead 

The Category Takeover can have its own Dynamic Lead style independent of the main DL style.


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