NOTE: You must have super-admin access to complete this task. Regular admins should submit new-site requests via (if they have all of the assets required ready to go) OR via regular Creative Request at

IMPORTANT: You cannot do the final step without VIP’s help – all site launches or domain switches must be scheduled with VIP Support. Bummer.

REMEMBER to ask for Jetpack activation when you request the site launch!

There are two options for creating new sites on VIP Go. One is Staging and the other is Production. You cannot push a staging site to production so do not start there if you plan to push this site to the public.

VIP Go Site Launch Checklist – Brand-New Site – Site Has Specific Launch Date and Must be private during set up

1.  Buy any new domains required from Network Solutions. Confirm name is part of ionedomains. Domain should lead to a Network Solutions placeholder page at this point.

The username for this account is “ionedomains” – Amee and Markus have the login info.

2. Go to the VIP Go Dashboard and add the new primary domain.

Located here, must be a super-admin

3. Put in ticket to request connection of Jetpack and Vaultpress by contacting VIP support – tell them your launch date.

Nothing will happen at this time, this is just so VIP can be expecting your reminder of the request at the end of the process on launch day.

NOTE: Full propagation must be complete before making the final request.

4. Create a new site on VIP Go with an internal domain; example

5. Set up the site with logos, content, crossposting, etc. (Should be done with help and instruction with edit lead.)

6. IF the final domain can go to a dead WordPress page temporarily go ahead and move to Route 53 step. If the final domain should remain an NS placeholder page until actual launch, hold the the NS step below until after search-replace is complete.

7. Create the search and replace script for your current task

Create a new hosted zone ins AWS > Route 53; create two CNAME records (see details in comment)

Go into our Route 53 instance on AWS

Go to hosted zones

Click Create hosted zone – just add the domain and save.

OLD WAY – DON’T DO THIS: Now create an A record for that hosted zone and point it to this IP >

Create a CNAME record and point it to

Create a CNAME record where the type is “www” and the value is your domain.

There will be four records when you are done.

Now grab the value/route traffic to nameservers, all of them. These are going to go into NS. << This step only comes now if you are ready for the domain to either resolve to the site or resolve to a WP PNF.

8. Take the four NS records from this new Route 53 hosted zone – go back to Network Solutions and make these four records the only NS records for the domain.

Find your domain in Network Solutions and click Edit Domain.

Select the second option “Edit DNS” – do NOT select the advanced version.

Replace the NS items with the ones you pulled from AWS (there should be four slots and you will have four values. Opt to add more slots even though you have what you need. It helps the save for some reason. Hit continue.

The propagation here can take up to 2-3 days for older sites or sites which had this domain pointing elsewhere, but if you are pointing to VIP for a new site, it happens pretty quickly.

9. Enable Let’s Encrypt certificate

This should work once (and only) you see DNS checker showing NS records are all pointing to our new Route 52 nameservers, all four.

NOTE: It didn’t work the first time we did it for bounce flip. we had to do a ticket to VIP.

10. Dry-run search-replace from current URL to production URL

vip @wpvip.production – wp search-replace –all-tables-with-prefix –report-changed-only –dry-run –

The command above performs a targeted search-replace within the subsite tables corresponding to the URL specified. Verify that the output shows only the tables prefixed with the correct site ID, for example ​wp_2_posts​._

If you wish to perform a search-replace across all tables of the multisite, adjust the command as follows:

vip @wpvip.production – wp search-replace –all-tables –report-changed-only –dry-run

Depending on the size of the database, a search-replace across the entire database may take a long time to complete and add extra load.

11. Search-replace from current URL to production URL by removing the dry run argument

vip @wpvip.production – wp search-replace –all-tables-with-prefix –report-changed-only – (single site)

vip @wpvip.production – wp search-replace –all-tables –report-changed-only — (entire network)

12. Change subsite URL

Go to the temporary url’s admin page in your multisite Network Admin by logging into your multisite > My Sites in top toolbar > Network Admin > Sites > hover over site name > click Edit

On the Info tab, change the Site Address (URL) to the final production URL (the domain you set up in Network Solutions and Route 53 and added to the VIP Dashboard)

This step updates the ​home​ and ​siteurl​ values, as well as the entry in wp_blogs​.

Click Save Changes

13. Flush object cache

vip @wpvip.production – wp cache flush –

14. If you haven’t pointed Network Solutions to the Route 53 hosted zone yet, do that now. This is what will make the domain map to your new VIP Go site.

15. Remind VIP Support about that ticket you submitted earlier, let them know you are ready to have Jetpack and Vaultpress connected to the new domain.

16. Set up Let’s Encrypt via the VIP Go Dashboard

Per Hannah, Let’s Encrypt should auto try now. (as of March 4)

17. QA the site – logos, menu items, etc.

18. Submit the new URL to Google Search Console; set up sitemap(s)

19. Confirm there is a GA ID assigned to the site – if not, create and insert, if already there, change the name of the entity in the GA Console

20. Shoot an email to requesting the addition of this site to our dashboard.

Examples (/

21. Send a note to Lucy that there is a new site or a new site name with the Blog ID#

22. Submit new site to FBIA

NOTE: If this is a brand-new domain, it will likely fail your first couple of submissions as Facebook requires a minimum amount of site traffic to be eligible for FBIA.


Ask edit lead if site should have a Sailthru account

IMPORTANT: If the former domain was live for a time and it still belongs to us, set up a 301 redirect for the old domain to the new and then a CLI search and replace for the network – should remove if it no longer belongs to us as it could 404. (This is a reminder for the second part of step 11 – if you need to change embedded urls across the network.)

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