Hey Socialflow Users!

iOne Local’s VP of Programming & Content, Sam Stiers, shared the following update from our social marketing vendors at Socialflow.  They’ve got a new mobile interface available in Beta and you can start using it, today, to access the social marketing automation and optimization tools of Socialflow.

You can access the mobile interface here: m.socialflow.com <http://m.socialflow.com/> .  I attached a few screen shots of the interface, but if you want to go through it together, let me know.

In the mobile interface you can:

  1. – Switch between social accounts
  2. – edit queued messages
  3. – compose new content
  4. – take a picture and add it to a message you’re composing
  5. – pause your queue for live tweeting events or breaking news
  6. – see messages that have been published

Here are some screenshots illustrating the interface, with callouts to functions.

Any questions?   Try Sam or one of your editorial directors!

Queue Compose box message published Pause publishingblogmobile

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