Instructions for OneTrust Implementation for Partner Sites:

1. Implement the attached script tag by placing this script at top of the <head> section of your site.

2. In Appearance > Menus, add new Custom Link menu item to footer nav with URL set to # and Navigation Label set to “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” Apply class “ot-sdk-show-settings” to said item (see screenshot attached).

OneTrust Do Not Sell Personal Information Footer Setup Screenshot

Source: iOne Digital / Product

3. Partner sites should add the following code in Additional CSS (Appearance > Customize) so that Cookies Banner appears above anchor for California residents.

.widget_eu_cookie_law_widget { bottom: 77px; }

#onetrust-consent-sdk #onetrust-banner-sdk { bottom: 77px !important; }

4. Optional: If item is unclickable on frontend of site, you will need to add the following code in Additional CSS (Appearance > Customize) so that users are able to see menu item is clickable when hovering over it:

.ot-sdk-show-settings { cursor: pointer; }

Note: Product will need to add the domain in OneTrust, send over the production script to AdOps, and publish script once OneTrust is done scanning site. Product will also QA site to ensure banner and consent preferences are displaying. 

Product OneTrust Implementation Steps:

1. Add domain here:

2. Go to Integration > Scripts ( Click on domain and click on Productions Scripts. Copy Production CDN script only and send over to AdOps.

Note: If implementing production script on iOne3 site in Google Tag Manager, go to Variables > One Trust Lookup Table. Add the domain and data-domain-script ID (from the production script in OneTrust) by clicking Add Row at the bottom of said table. Save and publish the container. 

Product OneTrust QA Steps:

1. View page source of the site you’re QA’ing. Look for “; or the data-domain-script ID of that site (can find in the production script). The tag should be placed in <head> section of site.

2. Check for “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” in footer of site. Clicking on link should bring out Manage Consent Preferences.

3. Via Windscribe VPN Chrome extension, set VPN to Los Angeles and reload site. California residents should see Allow Cookies banner.

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