We currently support three custom WordPress themes:

iOne3 – Primary theme, supports several different site types (National, Radio, Syndicated, TV) – lots of technical debt. Complicated and rigid stylesheets control CSS, radio schedule and DJ setups rely on usernames and require a rebuild. Runs as a part of our multisite network on WordPress VIP.

Bossip4 – Runs only on Bossip and Madamenoire – much lighter, but not as customizable, no category takeovers, less sidebars. Runs as a part of our multisite network on WordPress VIP.

TVONE – Separate theme, built by outside company but has been maintained and built on by iOne Digital for the past four years. Very behind in terms of ad features. Uses a separate video player – The Platform (MPX). Runs Flywheel WordPress, NOT VIP. Less stable than VIP. Needs to be migrated to iOne3 VIP WordPress as soon as possible.


iOne3 Notable Features

  • Custom Post Type – Media Playlists: these are photo galleries on iOne3. One can display images or embeds via a media playlist.
  • Crossposting – this is iOne3’s content syndication system, its comes preloaded with SEO (canonical urls, original attribution, etc.) referred to as “Source” sites and “Subscriber” sites
  • Listen Live – this is the page where the uLSAP player “lives” – all radio site have it – always /listen-live as url. EXCEPTION: The Black America Web and the Syndication shows have some kind of funky legal constraint where they cannot have a radio player living on their actual domains. They link out directly to Triton. Example: The Morning Hustle. You can find a list of Triton player urls here, as well as the station IDs.
  • Category Takeovers – When a category is given “Takeover” status, it can be given it’s own design, header, menu, fonts, colors, etc. Think “micro site” within a domain.
  • Custom Post Type – Events
  • Custom Post Type – Recipes
  • Custom Stylesheets




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