To Upload a New List in Sailthru:

1. Click on “Users” in the navigation and select “Lists” in the pull-down menu.

Sailthru 1

2. Click “Create New List”

Sailthru 2 3. Give your list a name that will be clear to any other users. Make sure that you do not select “Primary” unless you are creating a list that will be subscribed to by users.

Saillthru 3

NOTE: All Subscriber and Marketing Lists are being moved over for you, so creating a Primary List should not be necessary – Please submit a GoldSupport Ticket if you are unsure.

4. Now, click on the list you’ve just made to open up the “Manage Mailing List” window.

Sailthru 4

5. As with the old system, you will need to make sure that the first column, first row is always “email” – all lover case. The system will not accept your list otherwise. Click “Choose File” and then select the .csv file list you want to upload. Go with the default options seen above “Add to List” and “Replace all uploaded vars” – Put your email address in the last field to get a confirmation when your list is complete. Click “Submit.” NOTE- If you still get an error message, you can try deleting all empty columns and rows within your .csv file, re-save it and try uploading the list again.

Sailthru 5

How to Add or Delete Subscribers:

1. If you receive complaints from a user who wants to be either added or removed from a list, this is really easy now. Click on the List name you want to change and select “Add or Delete Users Via Direct Input.”

sailthru 6

2. Manually put in the user email you want to add or delete and then select the appropriate Action Pull-down to the right.

sailthry 7

3. Now, put your email in the “Send Report Email” field and you’ll get a confirmation email when the action is complete. You don’t have to submit GoldSupport Tickets anymore – you can make the changes quickly and easily yourselves (probably in less time that it took to put in a ticket.)

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