Creating a Campaign – Interactive One

1)      Create Layout in EES

2)      Choose correct ad in EES

3)      If you are still in the migration process, be sure that you are sending to the correct list in EES.

4)      Copy the HTML output from EES via the “Export HTML” button after you save. IMPORTANT: Do this after FINAL edits.


Now go into via the password you set up when you were invited via email. Click on “Communications – Campaigns” 

sailthru 11

Click “Create New” button – a pop-up will come up, give your campaign a title (this is not front-facing, usually based on date) and click “Create Campaign” 

sailthru 12

5)      Click the tab titled Code – paste the HTML you exported in step 3

6)      You’ll need to make four tweaks to the code now:

  1. Search for [unsubscribe] and change to {optout_confirm_url}
  2. b.     Add beacon script at the bottom of the html, before the </body> tag:

<a href=””><img src=”{beacon_src}”></a>

Substitute your homepage for the website link here. Be sure to include “http://”

  1. Search for [weblink] and replace with {view_url} – there are four instances, but you only want to update the FIRST one, the one related to “Can’t see images?”
  2. Search for “To ensure deliverability email address” and change the address to your verified email address which will be structured like this newsletter@email.<your-domain-here>.com


7)      Edit Basics tab

  1. Add the From Name (your site or campaign’s friendly name)
  2. Verifiy the From Email is correct
  3. Copy and paste the Subject line from the old tool
  4. Verify Link Tracking is on
  5. Turn on Google Analytics
  6. Add Report Email (this is your email, you’ll get a note when the delivery is complete)

8)      In the Text Version tab, click the “Convert HTML to Text” button (it doesn’t matter what this looks like)

9)      Save your Campaign (the save button is in the second row of buttons)

sailthru 13

10)  Send a test version to yourself by clicking “Test Send” button (same row as above)

11)     Now click on the “Schedule Send” tab

  1. Select the List to send to
  2. Schedule the time (All times are in EST)
  3. Select your Personalized Send Time Window
  4. Click “Schedule this Blast”

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