This past week was a busy one!   The iOne Studios’ core team, a.k.a. Team Media, attended two industry events in New York, and one in San Francisco.


The first was a “WordPress VIP Big Media” meetup group, featuring iOne as a presenter along with other big media companies such as The Dish, Generator, Code for the People, Weekly World News, Comcast Local, and more.  It was all hosted on the 15th floor of the New York Times Building.

Grant, Amee, and Atari had the opportunity of presenting at this meetup – and the subject was the awesomeness that we’ve built into our Studios theme over the past years.   Grant presented alongside Dave McKinley, one of his technology partners from Oomph, Inc.   The talk was short (10 minutes) and and they went over (14), but nobody seemed to mind and questions made it even longer (20).   Everyone seemed impressed with the power of the platform we’ve put together.   The individual pieces and features were impressive, but as we explained, and as all iOne Studios customers in time learn, it’s the net effect of all publishers and all features working in concert, that work the magic and drive results.


iOne GETS TECH in San Francisco at WordPress VIP’s Annual Developer Summit!

That’s right, our very own Mike Auteri (a.k.a. Atari) not only was able to travel to San Francisco to join a week-long developer training summit, but he even presented there, about his experience writing his first WP-CLI script, and the power and flexibility of using that method (WP-CLI means WordPress-Command Line Interface.   Trust me, it does.).  This awesome techie stuff is positioning iOne developers as some of the most informed and innovative in the business!



iOne GETS SMART IN VIDEO at thePlatform’s New York Tech Summit!

iOne Studios’ Team Media also had a presence at thePlatform’s NY Tech Summit last Thursday.   With 2014 as a pivotal strategic year for Video growth, iOne was right there with other big media publishers like NBC, Comcast, Oxygen, Time Warner Cable, A&E Networks, and National Geographic.

This level of focus is really critical this year as in alignment with our One Vision / Vision & Strategy, we bring TV One onto the iOne Studios publishing platform & services & realize a wealth of new convergence opportunities.

Key Themes at the Summit included:   workflow efficiency & reduction in complexity for publishers; publish once to all device platforms and screen sizes, speed and performance.   Detailed notes are on the next page for those inclined.



Team Media Events March-April 2014
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