Many thanks to Donya who put together this brief tutorial, slightly modified for the doc on iOneStudios.

OBJECTIVE:   Establish a new standard in video embed workflows, which will:

  • Continue to play videos in a brand’s playlist lineup after the selected video plays.
  • Automatically resize the video player to 300px when on a smartphone.

And guess what, we’ve got it for you.


1. Select the correct player for your site i.e. CV-HB, CV-TUD, etc. You MUST do this in order for the player views to be counted correctly towards your site!

 Select Player

2. Make sure “Full Player” is selected from the drop down.

 Full Player

3. Copy the embed code and paste into the film strip icon in WordPress.

Full Player[1]

4. The code should look like this in WordPress. Notice it no longer includes the string “/embed” in the embed code.   As it turns out, using the “Video Only” player option creates the “/embed” string, which actually DISABLES the playlist, as well as other control parameters like autoPlay=true or mute=true.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.29.17 PM

So, if your embed code uses the correct channel player; and does not include “/embed” in the embed code, you SHOULD be able to have more-or-less neverending playback on your videos, powered by your player’s channel feed lineup!


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