What Is An Aspect Ratio?

This is the ratio of the width to the height of an image.

What Aspect Ratio Do Our Sites Use & Why Is This Important?

The aspect ratio of images on our sites is 5:3. Keeping our images at a consistent aspect ratio will help prevent formatting/style inconsistencies in the thumbnails and DLs.

How Do I Make Sure All My Images Are Cropped To A 5:3 Aspect Ratio?

1. Go to picmonkey.com and click “Edit A Photo”

2. Choose the photo you’d like to crop from your computer

3. Click “Crop”

4. Click the drop down that says “No Fixed Proportions” and choose “3×5”

5. Drag the corners of the gridded selection box to crop your photo into the landscape (horizontal) selection you want

6. Click Apply

7. To save the photo, click “Save” above the photo

8. Give the photo a SEO-friendly file name and choose to save your photo as a .jpg; DO NOT save your photo as a .PNG

9. Select the middle Quality option “Ewan”

10. Click “Save photo” and save it to your desktop


LARGE: 630 x 378 [Hero DL]

MEDIUM: 420 x 252 [Standard DL]

SMALL: 315 x 189 [Thumbnail]

X-SMALL: 144 x 86 [Carousels]

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