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As of March 31st, NewsOne has been approved as a Facebook Instant article content provider. Thank you so much to Andre Escobar who has worked tirelessly to get us in the door! We will be working on rolling out other properties and new features – stay tuned for updates.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create post, following the content rules stated below. It is imperative that you follow these content rules. We do not want to be kicked out because you did not follow the clearly stated content rules below.
  2. Add the post to the “Instant Articles” category.
  3. DO NOT include the featured image within the body of the post. (iOne3 sites can use the “Set Featured Image as Cover” option if desired.)
  4. Share the article on Facebook. This can be done by anyone, not just the official Facebook page.

NOTE: The share step above is a trigger.The content will not display within Facebook Instant Articles if it has not been shared. 



What you CAN include:

  • Text, images (images cannot be highly sexual or violent in nature)
  • Twitter embeds are fine
  • Instagram are fine
  • GIF iframes (for now)
  • ALL video via the ione_embed (video or audio via the “filmstrip button”)
    • MPX can be included, but MUST be embedded via the filmstrip, NOT the platform plug-in
    • Note that when you embed video, you must go into the Text tab and remove any <p> tags and make sure there is a space above and below the ione_embed shortcode. (see screenshot below for ideal result

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.33.42 AM

What you CANNOT include:

  • Any embeds NOT published via the ione_embed shortcode (via the “filmstrip button”)
  • No Facebook embeds are allowed – AT ALL.
  • No Sailthru shortcodes.
  • No iOne Global Promo shortcodes.
  • No NDN videos are allowed – AT ALL.
  • No embedded galleries – they not yet supported.
  • If you include outbound links in your Instant Article:
    1. They must connect to specific, editorially related stories that provide direct background, history, context or analysis of the article’s subject matter. You may include a link to your publication’s social media presence.
    2. Links to stories, such as editorially related stories, trending stories and links to other parts of your site, must not appear as the final element in an Instant Article.
    3. Don’t include Related Articles on the first screen (i.e., “above the fold”).

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