iOne3: New Post Features

iOne3 has a lot of new bells and whistles that will allow you to have more control over how your post content is promoted and displayed on home and category pages as well as widgets in other sidebars. Recommended to do for each post:


Custom Title

This is your short, snappy title that will be pulled into the Super Feature and Flex Widgets; it is not required, but is recommended. If you don’t fill this in, the widget will pull the headline.


Fill this out with every post so that you don’t run the risk of any new widgets picking up player code or some other funky embed business.


 Content Type

Please apply the Video Content type (lower right side of post editor) when your post is video content. This affects the display of video promos across the site (homepage, category pages, etc.)  


Assign a specific video category to video posts and photo gallery category to media and you’ll get a play button overlay, plus a dark background.

Also, if you plan to make use of iOne3’s video hub functionality, you’ll need to use this feature, plus a video-specific category.


Images in Post Body

The new iOne3 theme accommodates larger quality photos. Insert full size, then click the “pencil” icon to apply a custom size. Max width is 800, the height will take care of itself.

Featured Images

When you upload photos, it is important that you use the “View Thumbnails” option – the Thumbnail Editor. This will set accurate display for widgets and options across the site.

You should assign all aspect ratios below except the 8:3 which you only need to worry about if you are using a post as a Super Feature.

1:1 – All square images

9:5, 7:4 – Thumbnails in Promo Widgets (homepage, SDC, category pages, etc.)

8:3 – Super Feature – try positioning the focal points of the image in a way that allows optimal for the text/headline/lead placement.  This is that big photo image at the top of NewsOne.

13:5 – Post Image (top of post) – only applicable if you are using iOne > Site Features > Post Display > Enable featured image as cover photo

NOTE: The only reason to cut images in a 5:3 ratio now will be to feature horizontal rectangular images in your newsletter. This is now easy to override via the Sailthru Feed Editor tool which allows you to insert images manually into the feed.


Other cool stuff!

Set Featured Image As Cover

The post’s featured image can now display as a full-width banner behind the top of the post. The thumbnail editor size that controls this display is the 13:5. This setting can be determined sitewide (affects all posts) or on a post to post basis.

Sitewide Option is located via the WP dashboard here:

iOne > Site Features > Post Display > Enable featured image as cover photo?

Per post option is located in the post editor, lower right side. You can search for “Set Featured Image as Cover” to find it quickly >>>




Drop Cap

You can now apply a “Drop Cap” to the first letter in your article (or wherever you see fit, but that was the intention) this button is located in the Text Editor Buttons, its the last one on the right. There is a capital letter with some lines around it.


Shareable Block Quotes











Fill this in to display a sub-headline under your post’s title. This also displays as a subhed in the Super Feature (homepage, top widget)


Trending Flag

Located in the top-right of the Post Editor, you can now apply flags that will display along with thumbnails on homepages and category pages. “Trending” and “Breaking” are predetermined choices, but you are able to apply custom choices as well, by clicking “Other” – a text field will appear. Make sure that you have the checkbox checked! Must be removed manually. 

Updated Flag: Located within the Publish module in the Post Editor, you can choose to display an “Updated” flag similarly to the Trending flag above. If both flags are selected, the Updated flag takes precedence. Will stop display after 24 hours by default, this setting is configurable per site. (see more detail below)


Reads Counter

We have a new feature that allows you to hide the reads displays on posts. This function gives you the option to hide the number of reads shown on the front end of the post next to the sharing tools. To enable this feature, scroll down below the post and you will see a section called “Read Counter.” There you will have the option to checkmark a box that reads “Hide Read Counter for this instance?” Pictured below is what it looks like.



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