Unless you are an Admin, not all of the options listed here will be visible to you. If you need assistance with anything you cannot access, please contact a teammate who has admin rights or submit a ticket to Goldsupport@interactiveone.com.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 12.42.38The iOne2 theme had a lot of options located under Settings > Site Features. iOne3 has broken a lot of these features out under a new menu item iOne.

Editorially-relevant options are bolded below. Most of these settings you will and should never touch – this post is meant to be a directory for you reference in case you ever need to know where these settings are located.


  • iOne: Determines with feature modules are active/inactive for your site – shouldn’t be touched by any non-product/dev person.
  • Author: This is where you set up your Author Block Feature (optional).
  • Social: This is set up for you initially by the product team, but is where your comment type is determined, along with your Facebook App ID and the size of the sharing options on your post page. (Small vs. Large)
  • Ads: This is set up by TeamTraffic and should not be accessed by any editorial staff. This is where your site’s Ad Ids and ad logic are assigned.
  • Maintenance Mode: Allows product team to make site inaccessible temporarily.
  • Stylesheet: Determines which colors/styles are used for your site. Also controls backend functions.
  • Webmaster: Google and Bing site confirmation features, also includes the site’s mobile app ID (due to change Q2 2016).
  • NewsOne: Controls header text unique to NewsOne site.
  • Trending/Updated: Sets the time period for your trending and updated flags to disappear after initiating via post editor. By default this value is 24 hours.
  • Layout: Differentiates between full-width and right rail display.


  • Site Features: This is the one you’ll use the most, contains the following options – those in bold are editorially relevant:
    • Page Footer (legal copyright text and URL)
    • Media Features: MPX ID and Default Media Playlist
    • Media Crossposting
    • Post Display: Options to display # of Reads and to Display Feature Image as Cover Photo (large over the headline) sitewide.
    • Infinite Scroll: Turns infinite scroll on and off on Desktop and Mobile. IMPORTANT: Do NOT activate on desktop as it will interfere with Wallpaper displays.
    • Category Takeover (due to change to separate breakout Q2 2016): Should not be touched unless you have permission/training from the Creative Services team.
    • Refresh Rate: Sets auto refresh options for Homepage, Category Page and Post Page
    • Sitemaps
  • Menu Settings: Determines whether your site has a standard menu display or a flyout menu display.
  • Import/Export: Used by product/dev, imports or exports site settings – does not include site logos or default images.
  • Single Dynamic Carousel (currently inactive as of 5.15.16)
  • Facebook Instant Articles: Determines ad settings for Facebook Instant Articles.
  • AMP: Determines ad settings for AMP pages.
  • *LSAP Settings: Where streaming radio Triton, Neilson, Ad Tags and Display Art/Colors and Text are determined. You will only see this option if the LSAP module has been enabled for your site.

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