Moengage/Push Programming Instructions and Access

Hi All,

 You should now have received your invite to Moengage, our push programming platform.

Instructions are below and Jen or I are happy to walk you through as well, just let us know.

Your username (I used the email I had on record for you, @interactiveone if it exists) and the password you set up when you accepted your invite.

Steps to Create a Campaign

Select the channel you will be sending for, note that “Interactiveone” is really NewsOne.

Select Campaigns > Create New from the lefthand nav

Create a “General Campaign”

  1. Name the campaign – click right below the “Campaign Name” title, there is a field there – see below in grey – a little hard to see. This name is not front–facing, this is just so you can track performance of the campaign.

  2. Choose platform – check the box for “Web” – this means that all desktop users and all Chrome mobile users will get the prompts and see the pushes. The other platforms are not devices, but apps – we don’t need to use those right now.

  3. Your Target Audience would be “All Users” for now – we can play with segmentation and other tricks once we get some usage info in hand.

  4. Click Next after checking the All Users box.

Build Your Campaign

There is a preview display to the left, you fill in the Web Message Title, Message and Redirect URL to the right.

Please append the following UTMs so we can track more specifically via GA

(The utm_campaign variable is your backend campaign name – it should change with every push you send, the other two variables, source and medium never change.)

5. Icon Image: You can use the default logo, or upload a square image for this unique push.

6. For now, ignore the rest of the options on this page and click “Next.”

7. Schedule or send “as soon as possible.” Note that “soon as possible” seems to be around 30-45 minutes.

8. Select any goal in our “Set Conversion” dropdown, we’ll be updating this to something more meaningful as we gain usage/adoption.

You can leave everything else as default, however, if your push has an expiration – for instance, if you are pushing a contest or poll that ends at a specific date or time that is close, open the Advanced options to limit the timing of the push.

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