How to send a one-time campaign in Sailthru:

  1. Visit Communication > Campaigns > Drafts > New Campaign Button
  2. Fill out the Campaign Name. Select Email as Channel Type. Select Regular Campaign(this means a one-time send).  And, Click “Create Campaign”.    
  3. Select your send list by clicking on the down arrow for the list drop down. 
  4. Click the box to “Build your campaign from a template”. Once this is checked the other options will be active. Click on down arrow to select a template. You can change the From Name and Subject Line here(Note: Subject Line and From Name can also be specified at the template level. If this is done for your template these areas will auto-populate). Then click save and continue.                                                                                                                             
  5. You will now see a preview screen with template code and the template view. Feel free to use the “Test Send” button to send your self a test. And click Save and Continue. 
  6. Select to send the Campaign right away (Upon Confirmation) or to Specify a time to send. Then click Save & Continue. 
  7. Now you will be shown a page with a summary of everything that was chosen. Check to see everything is as you wanted if not go back to change. If everything looks okay Click Schedule. 
  8. If a time was not chosen(meaning you want to send right away/upon confirmation) a warning message will appear. Click OK.
  9. Once this is done, you should see a message “Your Campaign is Scheduled”. You are all set. 

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