These steps are for the product team only. If you are trying to set up Video Hub 2.0 (2018) for your site, please submit a Goldsupport ticket.

The first step to activating Video Hub 2.0 is to activate the iOne Video Hub 2.0 module under the iOne > Module menu.

Once that step is complete, the following options will appear under iOne > Site Features > Anvato Tab. You will need to access info from Anvato to fill out these fields.

Go to – make sure you are in the correct brand (via dropdown at the top right of screen).

Via the menu on the left, select Partners under API Partners.

Click Create New Partner.

 You only need to name the new API – Video Hub 2.0 – all other fields can be left as-is.

Once you hit “save,” it will bounce you back to the list of partners, where you will now see “Video Hub 2.0.”

Click “Edit” for “Video Hub 2.0 and you will now see the public and private keys you need for the step above via iOne > Site Features > Anvato tab > Video Hub 2.0 Settings



How To Set Up The Actual FE Hub

  • Go to WP Admin > Posts > Categories
  • Select or create the category you want to turn into a video hub. If you create a new category, make sure that at least one post is assigned. WordPress will not recognize an empty category – the category URL will 404.
  • Go to Edit Category
  • Find “Category is Video Hub”
  • Check the box and then select a playlist to display.
  • Save and view the category to make sure that it is displaying properly.

NOTE: If you don’t see any playlists, then the connection with Anvato (which is detailed in the setup above) isn’t working. Ask for dev help.


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