EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a work in progress as we will be adding new scenarios dealing with copyright as we come across. The most important function of this post right now is to raise awareness of Copyright Claims in Youtube and that they should be dealt with ASAP.

You may have received a notice from your Youtube channel that a video you’ve uploaded is not eligible for monetization due to a Copyright claim from another Youtube account – or even that another account is receiving the ad revenue from your video due to a claim. These are very important notices that need to be a part of your daily video content workstream.

How do I know if I have a copyright issue?

You should have received an email to the gmail account you have associated with your channel. Being aware of these notices as soon as they hit your inbox is the best way to handle or respond.

(in Creator Studio Classic)

NOTE: In order to set Monetization options you MUST upload your videos via Creator Studio Classic)

You can also go to Creator Studio > Video Manager > Copyright Notices to see a full list of any current copyright issues Youtube has responded to or taken action. Click on the “Includes copyrighted content” link in the notice.

(in Youtube Studio Beta)

In the Beta view, you see the copyright issues in the video list:



Scroll over the little down arrow/carrot next to “Ineligible” to see how to access the copyright details. You’ll see this. Click on “View copyright claim details”

What do I do next?

The views within Classic and Beta are slightly different, but the info you are looking for is the same. Review the content to determine the nature of the copyright claim. Is the entire video? Is it music within the video? Is it an image in the video?

This gets you to this page (Classic). The green box shows the issue. In this example, the issue is music being used. We will show you how to replace this music without having to re-upload a new video.

Click “play match.” This shows you the segment where the alleged copyright infringement exists within your video. In this example, a sports rap is happening over music for which we may or may not have rights. This is not an easy replace. Research will need to be done to determine if proper licensing was procured. Contact your radio legal representative to see if your ASCAP/BMI etc. covers music used in promos.

  • If you don’t have rights to air the music/content, remove the video.
  • If you have rights to air the music/content but not to monetize, then just make sure you have the Monetization options set up correctly, 
  • If you do have rights, and we should be monetizing this content, please escalate to Mike Jones (mjones@ionedigital.com).

It is extremely important to protect our integrity as a Youtube PfP Publisher to handle these issues.

If the contested content is music only, you have the option to replace it via options within the Youtube CMS. After you review via “play match,” you have two options as shown above:

Remove song

If you select this option, you are given two options.

  • “Erase audio” – which will remove all audio (including voiceovers if present) from the contested timeframe.
  • “Add or replace audio” – where you are given a list of legal music to use to replace your contested timeframe.

If you choose the ADD TO VIDEO option, it will simply replace the contested timeframe. This is ideal for when your issue has no voiceover.






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