Late last week, the Product team released a new sidebar area as requested by the Local teams. Editors were using shortcodes within posts to display database signup opportunites and other promotions within the actual post body so it was throwing off logic that controls where ads display.

Now you have a way to blast promotions on every single post or media playlist page, without having to adjust any posts or playlists.

Name: Post Top Promo Area

Goal: Manage in-Post and in-Media Playlist promotions sitewide without affecting in-content ad counts or sending site promotions through crossposting.

Location: WP Admin > Appearances > Widgets > Post Top Promo Area

Tip: Use the “Visibility” option in the iOne Unstyled Text Widget to limit display of this promotion to certain categories, tags or authors.


NOTE: The Listen Live and Breaking News examples are not approved for final use, will require some styling on your site. Please submit a GS ticket for help.

The newsletter example will not appear jenky on your site, as styling should be in place, if you have any issues, please contact GS.

Finally – to see how these were set up, go to and open the Post Top Promo sidebar.

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