Jenifer Rodriguez

Jenifer Rodriguez


Instructions for OneTrust Implementation for Partner Sites: 1. Implement the attached script tag by placing this script at top of the <head> section of your site. 2. In Appearance > Menus, add new Custom Link menu item to footer nav with URL set to # and Navigation Label set to “Do Not Sell My Personal […]

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Login to with your iOneDigital emails (Example: It should take you straight to the Dashboard. Note: If you have never logged in before you might need to check your email or reset your password to access the Dashboard. Check to see you’re in the appropriate account by going to the main navigation at the top […]

In MPX, you are able to retrieve analytics for each player. To get the amount of viewers and video plays for a specific player, go to Media Reports > Digital Analytix on the left hand side of the screen once you log into: Once you’ve gotten to the right analytics portal, click on Audience > Technology > […]