“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou While you are free to leave your WordPress Posts List and Post Editor layouts as they are, here are some suggestions for setting these displays to flow more with the editorial workflow and to remove a few modules that you will likely never, ever […]

To Change newsletter send times all you have to do is: 1. Go your station’s Sailthru account 2. Click Communication Tab > Campaigns from drop down 3. Click Recurring Tab (box on right side) 4. Click on Title of Campaign (bold text) 5. Go down to Confirmation tab, Click on Checkbox Unschedule 6. Click OK button 5. […]

In order to assign a thumbnail to an audio asset from within the MPX plugin version 2.0.0 (new as of May 2016), go into thePlatform > Video Manager, and locate your audio file. 1) Upload Audio files just as you have always done through the Plugin. 2) Once published, select the media you want to […]

Here is a quick tutorial on how to alternatively display the nav on TVOne using HTML. Normally when building a show page via custom layouts we would use the “iOne Show Links” widget to show the red nav. However if the widget displays incorrectly we can use HTML to trick the display to show whatever we […]