iONE Publishing 24×7 Issue Reporting & Escalation Procedures

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear and easy path for reporting issues with any of your sites or services, and escalating as necessary for urgent / timely matters.

Non-Critical Issue & Bug Reports for WordPress sites, Newsletters, Video, Apps:

If you encounter an issue that impacts customer experience or obstructs publishing workflow, but is not critically impacting revenue, please send the following information to Include the following details:

  1. Screenshots: It’s always useful to include a screen shot image of the issue and attach to your report.
  2. URLs:   please include web address or other location information so we can locate the issue.
  3. How to Reproduce: Step-by-step directions to reproduce the issue as you experienced it. Please include the URLs where the issues happen, and lead us through what to click on to make the errors happen, etc..)
  4. Browser: What browser you are running (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, with version number if possible)
  5. OS: Operating System (Mac OS version, Windows 9, 10, 11)
  6. Mobile device: For Mobile what type of phone are you using? (iOS, Android, smartphone or tablet and what model)
  7. Network Connection: Are you inside the iOne office network or in another company’s network, or outside on the open internet? How are you connected?

Please send your issue report to Your request will be logged and given a ticket number. You will receive a reply if further information is needed.  

GoldSupport Tickets are handled during core business hours Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm.   For issues requiring handling out of those hours, an escalation is required.   If your inquiry is truly urgent, you may escalate by calling one of the contacts below according to the urgency at your own discretion.



  • Use the following contacts to escalate an issue:


Asst Product Manager Waruna Perera (347) 534-5321
Product Associate Jen Rodriguez (973) 392-3092
Sr. Director Amee Mola 917-836-2418
Chief Product Officer Grant Cerny 908.347.5703

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