iOne’s TEAM MEDIA GETS AROUND! This past week was a busy one!   The iOne Studios’ core team, a.k.a. Team Media, attended two industry events in New York, and one in San Francisco. iOne GETS PROPS AT THE NEW YORK TIMES! The first was a “WordPress VIP Big Media” meetup group, featuring iOne as a […]

The following tutorial will guide you through the steps required to create a marketing e-blast in Sailthru. Here’s what you will need before you begin: – Access to the appropriate property/site in Sailthru. If you do not have access, please submit a request to Turnaround time should be less than 24 hours. – An […]

Sailthru Image Library Uploads When creating a template or campaign, adding images is a snap using Sailthru’s Image Library. These steps will you give the image url you need to update an Include. 1. Click on Communications in the top Nav, then click Templates 2. Click on the template named Use Me to Upload Images […]

Props to Mike Artillery (Auteri) for blasting yet another great improvement into our theme. The App Banners plugin is now accessible to site Admins from Site Settings > App Banners. Through this plugin, you can easily enable visitors to your mobile web site to see a banner promoting download of your Android app from Google […]

You can upload a thumbnail by using the following steps: 1) Select the video you want in the Main media window. 2) Click the “Files” blade (vertical blue tab) on the right hand side of the screen. 3) Click the “Upload” button to upload the thumbnail of your choice. 4) Select the file you would […]

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to place and update the items in your site’s navigation areas. These are the primary navigation areas you’ll use: – Primary Menu: This is the main navigation area, the one right under your 728 banner ad. – Legal Footer: This are the small, usually legal, or corporate links […]

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