Amee’s Puppy Gallery

1. CUTE English Bulldog Puppy!

look at his little folds.

2. Things that Make you Say Awww!

3. Time for a Nap?

This where the caption goes and this is how much space you have to write captions.

4. Puppies on a Clothesline! Not cruelty, at all!

5. So, so cute. Can nothing stop this Cute train?

6. More unstoppable Cuteness

7. This guy’s just pretty good looking.

8. This puppy just wants to bring you home.

9. And then… somebody crashed the party.

For the record, Amee’s photos stop here and Grant’s take over…

10. Puppy fell in love with the party girl

11. These guys weren’t truly happy with their relationship.

12. Yet another species joined the party

13. Kissing parties!

14. Snuggling.

15. More Kissing

16. But someone is always left in the corner, alone.

17. While the others are caterwauling together, oblivious to loneliness or others.

18. Where’s the bathroom?

19. Down the hall where the sharks with freakin’ laser beams are.

20. Please… do… proceed.

21. They tell me… to unmix, the Meow Mix!

22. All I need now is sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads.

23. … and a bigass Spider.

24. Nuff said

25. Ditto.

26. these days, are over.

27. The Catatonic Plague

28. tumblr_ly71s24arz1rn0buoo1_500

29. tumblr_mge8duka1g1s0lrzfo1_500

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