I tried using these 2 shortcodes using the “External / Fliqz” button to add them as Media Playlist Items.

1) the new “ThePlatform” shortcode that is generated by their Plugin (active on this site)

2) the ione_embed shortcode that works within posts

Neither one of them could be successfully validated when entered as Media Playlist items.   I got “invalid media”.

So questions:

  1. How are we supposed to add MPX videos as Media Playlist items?
  2. Do we need to do extra work to have the new “ThePlatform shortcode” work?
  3. How do you set the thumb to read “Watch Video”?

1. tuberous-pearl-starfish-768×1366

2. starfish-party-nature-animal-768×1366

3. starfish-ocean-starfish-768×1366

4. starfish-hd-768×1366

5. starfish-coral-reefs-768×1366

6. red-starfish-underwater-life-images-768×1366

7. red-starfish-768×1366

8. images

9. images-1

10. cockleshells-starfish-sinks-coast-sea-beach-azure-horizon-768×1366

11. bottle-sand-beach-starfish-drift-bottles-photography-768×1366

12. beach-sea-ocean-shell-starfish-nature-1050×1680

13. beach-sand-starfish-768×1366

14. beach-sand-starfish-768×1366-1

15. Player Embed

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