We currently support three custom WordPress themes: iOne3 – Primary theme, supports several different site types (National, Radio, Syndicated, TV) – lots of technical debt. Complicated and rigid stylesheets control CSS, radio schedule and DJ setups rely on usernames and require a rebuild. Runs as a part of our multisite network on WordPress VIP. Bossip4 […]

NOTE: You must have super-admin access to complete this task. Regular admins should submit new-site requests via Goldsupport@ionedigital.com (if they have all of the assets required ready to go) OR via regular Creative Request at https://ionedigital.com/creativerequests. IMPORTANT: You cannot do the final step without VIP’s help – all site launches or domain switches must be […]

This solution replaces the former Clip radio playback embed set up that has been live since Q2 2017 when the Clip embed replaced the internal LSAP/Triton solution on websites and Airkast Radio apps in the Apple and Google Play stores.

THIS JUST IN: Show breaking news on every post of your site, or target specific categories or tags or authors as needed.!

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou While you are free to leave your WordPress Posts List and Post Editor layouts as they are, here are some suggestions for setting these displays to flow more with the editorial workflow and to remove a few modules that you will likely never, ever […]

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is a work in progress as we will be adding new scenarios dealing with copyright as we come across. The most important function of this post right now is to raise awareness of Copyright Claims in Youtube and that they should be dealt with ASAP. You may have received a notice […]

Part 1 of this tutorial is Product’s attempt to explain what to expect when your site implements the new iOne3 Taxonomy Plugin and how Editorial workflow will be affected. You can get greater detail and see the full list of CONTENT categories by clicking here. Part 2 will guide Editors on how to apply the […]

In an effort to better organize our category taxonomy, the analytics/audience development group has asked us to create dev solutions that control the creation of categories, standardize the categories that exist across the network and provide clear Google Analytics and Cxense reporting which indicates clean category interest. This has been done via the creation of […]

This summer, the Sailthru Product team introduced a Visual Email Composer product. This means that we can now create beautiful email templates on the fly without needing the dev team to code a new template.   There are so many options here, that I cannot list them all. Here is enough info to get you […]

The iOne Digital Innovation Team has just released a new video hub functionality which you may want to implement if you’d like to showcase a collection of videos. You can find an example of this big and beautiful playback here: MadameNoire Video Hub 2.0 First you will need to confirm with the Product Team that […]

These steps are for the product team only. If you are trying to set up Video Hub 2.0 (2018) for your site, please submit a Goldsupport ticket. The first step to activating Video Hub 2.0 is to activate the iOne Video Hub 2.0 module under the iOne > Module menu. Once that step is complete, […]