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To publish a video player on a page that spans the full width of the page, follow these steps:

1) Create a Page.

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2) Modify the Page to use the Full Width Template.

You need a page that does not have a right rail.

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3) Add some Player code from thePlatform MPX.

Please note, currently only players without advanced layouts will work to resize for different screen sizes, so you should choose a player that does not have a carousel, or anything else special other than a standard video player.   Your default player for your site should work for this.

When you grab your player code and embed it into the Page – always remembering to use the “Add Embedded Video” “orange filmstrip” icon to create your shortcode, you’ll want to modify the width and height once the shortcode is on the page.

  • Width:  975
  • Height:  548.

It should look like this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.58.41 PM

4) Publish the Page.

Click Here to See What the Page Should Look Like:  

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