Instructions for OneTrust Implementation for Partner Sites: 1. Implement the attached script tag by placing this script at top of the <head> section of your site. 2. In Appearance > Menus, add new Custom Link menu item to footer nav with URL set to # and Navigation Label set to “Do Not Sell My Personal […]

NOTE: You must have super-admin access to complete this task. Regular admins should submit new-site requests via (if they have all of the assets required ready to go) OR via regular Creative Request at IMPORTANT: You cannot do the final step without VIP’s help – all site launches or domain switches must be […]

Part 1 of this tutorial is Product’s attempt to explain what to expect when your site implements the new iOne3 Taxonomy Plugin and how Editorial workflow will be affected. You can get greater detail and see the full list of CONTENT categories by clicking here. Part 2 will guide Editors on how to apply the […]

This summer, the Sailthru Product team introduced a Visual Email Composer product. This means that we can now create beautiful email templates on the fly without needing the dev team to code a new template.   There are so many options here, that I cannot list them all. Here is enough info to get you […]

The iOne Digital Innovation Team has just released a new video hub functionality which you may want to implement if you’d like to showcase a collection of videos. You can find an example of this big and beautiful playback here: MadameNoire Video Hub 2.0 First you will need to confirm with the Product Team that […]

These steps are for the product team only. If you are trying to set up Video Hub 2.0 (2018) for your site, please submit a Goldsupport ticket. The first step to activating Video Hub 2.0 is to activate the iOne Video Hub 2.0 module under the iOne > Module menu. Once that step is complete, […]

In order to activate Anvato Options, you will need to make sure that the “iOne Anvato” module is activated under the iOne menu in WordPress.   Search for “iOne Anvato”  and click the “Activate” button.   After you have confirmed this, you will be able to access the Anvato tab under iOne > Site Features. […]

  Visit Communication > Campaigns > Recurring. Then click on the Title of the campaign to open it up.  You will see the Campaign Summary page open up. Check the Unschedule box. After clicking okay for the warning message you will see a new summary page where the Start Date and Scheduled Time appear in […]

How to send a one-time campaign in Sailthru: Visit Communication > Campaigns > Drafts > New Campaign Button Fill out the Campaign Name. Select Email as Channel Type. Select Regular Campaign(this means a one-time send).  And, Click “Create Campaign”.     Select your send list by clicking on the down arrow for the list drop down.  […]

  Getting Access to HipHopWired and Madamenoire Step 1. Click on the invitation or visit or Use given Username & Password to enter. At this point, you should be forwarded to this site’s Profile Page. Note: You can also change your password here. Step 2. Click on Two Factor Authentication(Click Show/Hide QR Code) Step […]

MPX metadata was added to TV One Full Episodes, Video Hub, Single Video, Schedule, and Show Hub. Example staging links here. Full Episode Page: Single Video Page: Video Hub: Show Page:   How to control where this information appears: MPX Metadata (Show Title, Season#, Episode#, Airdate, and Runtime) must be filled out. Video Backend, Metadata […]

Login to with your iOneDigital emails (Example: It should take you straight to the Dashboard. Note: If you have never logged in before you might need to check your email or reset your password to access the Dashboard. Check to see you’re in the appropriate account by going to the main navigation at the top […]