In this area you will find an easy way to browse various tutorials, tips, tricks and best practices in using the iOne Studios custom WordPress VIP theme.

Sections Summary


  1. Basic Workflows
  2. Using Images
  3. Using Video & Embedded Media
  4. Widgets & Sidebars
  5. Promotional Vehicles (DLs, SDC)
  6. Image Standards


  1. Navigation (Update and Create)
  2. Theme Options
  3. Category Takeovers
  4. Custom Layouts
  5. Zone Publishing
  6. Site Settings
  7. Crossposting

Basic Workflows

  1. Create a Post
  2. Embed a Video
  3. Embed an Audio Clip
  4. Set your Featured Image
  5. Create a Photo Gallery
  6. Create a Media Gallery (photos + videos)
  7. Using the Media Gallery Launcher Embed
  8. Include or Exclude Gallery from River and Crosspost
  9. Embedding Other Media Objects
  10. Using the Ooyala Video CMS with WordPress
  11. SEO Guidance for Publishing Doc (Keyword Research, SEO Pack)
  12. Categories and Tags
  13. Post Protection (Autosave and Current Activity Features)

Using Images

  1. General Image Info
  2. Single Dynamic Carousel – SDC
  3. Dynamic Leads (DLs)
  4. Featured Image sizes
  5. Galleries

Using Video & Embedded Media

  1. Advanced video embed parameters using the Ooyala player shortcode
  2. Random 3rd Party Embeds
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Mobile capture and publishing

Widgets & Sidebars

  1. Getting to Know and Managing Your Widgets
  2. Sidebars (Where the Widgets Go)
  3. Mobile Sidebar Variations

Promotional Vehicles

  1. Dynamic Leads (DLs)
  2. Single Dynamic Carousel (SDCs)

Advanced Workflows

  1. Navigation
  2. Theme Options
  3. Category Takeovers + DLs in Category Takeovers
  4. Custom Layouts + DL Widgets in Custom Layouts
  5. Zone Publishing
  6. Site Settings
  7. Crossposting
  8. Users and Featured Authors
  9. Create a Page
  10. Safe Redirect Manager

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